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The Internet is a great worldwide information resource, but when it comes to locating resources in a specific geographic location it can be difficult. Virtual Michigan was created to fill that void. Virtual Michigan is not just for Michigan residents, but also for those visiting the Great Lakes State.

Virtual Michigan is the most comprehensive listing of Michigan Internet resources. Whether you're researching schools for your children, checking out the latest Michigan legislation, shopping for a loved one, or planning your next vacation, you will find what you need on Virtual Michigan.

So how is Virtual Michigan different than other Internet listings? Glad you asked. Virtual Michigan is unique in several ways:

  1. First, it is the most comprehensive listing of Internet resources located in Michigan.
  2. Three easy ways to find information:
    • By resource type (Category),
    • By geographic location (City), and
    • By an alphabetical listing (Name).
  3. Consistent Categories - a lot of thought was put into our Categories so they would cover the broadest range of interests and not change with the wind. Virtual Michigan will be updated on a regular basis but will maintain a consistent feel.
  4. When searching by Category or Name, the City is also listed beside each resource for quick reference to geographic location.
  5. City Listing - what a great way to find and do business with those in your local area.
  6. Last, but not least - our name, Virtual Michigan! How better to represent our great state to the rest of the world.
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